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Special Industrial Tape

When we say strong, we mean STRONG.


· ULTRA-STRENGTH ADHESIVE: When we say strong, we mean STRONG. Made with ultra-strength adhesive that’s imported from elite abroad manufacturers, our rolls are built to hold fast -- and last! Each roll features a tightly woven core for rock-solid gripping power, yet easily tears by hand for hassle-free application. No scissors or brute force, necessary!

· THICKER TAPE = BETTER TAPE: While most duct tape is only 8 or 9 MIL thick, ours weighs in at a hefty 11 to handle heavier loads (and stronger holds) without buckling under pressure. Perfect for patching holes and leaks, sealing cracks and crevices, and bundling loose items like cords and tubes. Just rip it, stick it and FIX it!

· WATERPROOF AND UV-RESISTANT: Forget inferior repair tape that breaks down in the face of moisture and sunlight. King Fung duct tape is 100% waterproof and UV-resistant, so it’s perfect for indoor/outdoor applications that would leave other tape rolls in a floppy, not-so-sticky heap. Even snow is no match for this heavy duty tape!

· NO STICKY RESIDUE ON REMOVAL: Although it’s super sticky, our duct tape won’t leave residue trails after you’ve peeled it away, so you’ll never have to worry about damaging important surfaces and items. Adhere to flexible materials like rubber or carpet, or rigid surfaces like wood, metal, brick and tile. It’s safe to use on any surface (even your skin)!

· TACKLE ANY PROJECT OR REPAIR: Whether you’re sealing an air leak, bunding messy stage wires or getting creative with your own duct tape tuxedo, our ultra strong sticky tape is your go-to sidekick for projects big and small. Not so handy? It’s great for removing lint, opening jars and catching pesky house flies, too! What innovative new solutions will you use YOUR rolls for?



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